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When booking your laser teeth whitening with Tooth Whitening Pro you will know that you are in good hands and can be confident that we are trusted specialists. The latest in whitening technology from the USA and Germany is used and that we will improve the
whiteness of your teeth at just one, pain free treatment session.

We at TWP are full insured, trained and specialists in the laser whitening system and have received a precise and thorough training in safe and hygienic cosmetic laser teeth whitening techniques.

You will find that our specialists are personable, discreet and will treat you in a most relaxed and comfortable manner.

On the day of your appointment will undertake a consultation of your teeth prior to providing any treatment that will confidently show you the levels of whiteness you can expect after the laser whitening treatment by using the industry standard vita bleaching shade guide used by dentists worldwide.

We employ only the most trusted equipment and materials that have been successfully used to provide reliable and effective teeth whitening in the UK since 2007.

OUR AIM is really simple and that is to provide our customers with a thoroughly professional teeth whitening treatment that is cost-effective, pain-free and offer long-lasting whitening results (from 18-24 months in most cases).


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It is totally fast and painless. I love how quickly my teeth become white without any injections. Nothing can be better than this amazing treatment.


Awesome Service

Before my wedding, I went through this procedure. To my amazement, I got perfectly white teeth and everybody was giving a lot more attention to me. Love this feeling.

– Adams

Good Work Guys

When I saw my friend’s shining teeth, I asked him about the procedure, at first I didn’t believe him, but still I went to Tooth whitening pros and the result was quite brilliant.

– Jackson

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