Laser tooth whitening treatment in Wilmslow – Cheshire

Laser teeth whitening treatment is actually affordable. The price charged for this teeth whitening procedure is worth it. You can get your whiter smile with laser teeth whitening at an amazing price. Remember that you can stay for about two years without refreshing your smile after undergoing laser teeth whitening treatment. For that reason you find that the price charged is reasonable compared to the quality service that you receive.

You can compare laser whitening costs with the in-home tray bleaching costs. It can cost you only £80 to undergo the in-home tray teeth whitening procedure, but results are not as brilliant as those of laser teeth whitening. This means that you need to sacrifice a bit in order to enjoy a whiter smile for a long time.

You can find great offers with most of the cosmetic dental experts. It is true that no teeth whitening will last forever and thus people need to refresh their smiles. For laser teeth whitening, it is advisable to come back every 18-24 months to have the smile refreshed again.

Once you treatment has been completed you will see the results INSTANTLY .

  • Guaranteed to whiten the teeth in just one session
  • Takes one visit to our clinics
  • Evening and weekend appointments can be arranged at no extra cost to you
  • Long lasting up to 24 months
  • Affordable and future top up whitening sessions only £95
  • Pain free
  • Specialists in only whitening – Tooth Whitening Pros

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